Thunderbird – Setting Up Email With IMAP Protocol

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There are some advantages to establishing these accounts rather than POP. This protocol permits you the adaptability of synching your email whether you are sending out or obtaining using a webmail login or whether you sending out or obtaining using an email program. For circumstances, you can have your customer program established in the house and also at the workplace and also if you have actually established your email account on both to make use of the this protocol after that your sent out and also obtained messages will certainly be synched. It’s hassle-free.

You constantly have the choice of downloading your e-mails to your neighborhood computer system however after that you’ll shed that capacity of synching considering that both computer systems (the one in the house and also the one at the workplace) are synched by the web servers. One of the disadvantages to using this protocol is that it does use up disk room on your web server.

Seek for a host firm that permits you a lot of disk room considering that disk room is affordable nowadays. There is another downside for common organizing web servers which is pointed out listed below. When there are numerous email accounts readied to utilize this protocol and also the accounts are readied to examine to the web server for brand-new messages at a higher regularity, state, 30 mins this can cause 500 mistake web pages. The just method is to eliminate the procedure Ids which I will certainly reveal later on making use of Cpanel. But I’m being successful of myself so allow’s reveal you just how to establish your account.

1. First, download and install the Thunderbird program by googling ‘thunderbird mozilla’. It’s a cost-free and also durable program and also functions well with Vista, XP, Mac OSX and also Linux and also in numerous languages. What much more could you request for?

2. Open the program. Click on “Tools” after that “Account Settings” in the Menu Bar on top of the program.

3. In the “Account Settings” click the “Add Account…” switch left wing-hand side.

4. A home window entitled “Account Wizard” will certainly show. Simply click the “Next” switch.

5. Type your name and also email address in the proper areas after that click the “Next” switch.

6. CRUCIAL: Select the “IMAP” setting instead of the “POP” setting. In the “Incoming Mail Server” area kind “” (without the quotes). You might need to call your web server manager to acquire your inbound mail web server. Then click the “Next” switch.

7. In the “Incoming User Name:” area key in your email address after that click the “Next” switch.

8. In the “Account Name” area key in your email address after that click the “Next” switch.

9. Click the “Finish” switch.

10. Highlight your email address by clicking the it which shows up in the left-hand side of the home window.

11. Click on “Server Settings” after that alter the worth from “10” to “30” in for the area “Check for new messages every”. I currently discovered that if you are a web server management collection this to a much greater worth such as “360” which indicates look for brand-new messages every 6 hrs instead of every 30 mins. The factor is that (somehow) there has a tendency to be numerous imap procedures running and also they have a tendency to remain about. This in a linux system (which I think is Centos). I discovered this out with among my host accounts with bluehost.

If you established numerous email addresses as I did for one customer of mine the mail web servers were being looked for brand-new messages every 30 mins and also the outcome was numerous procedure Ids that wound up once in a while causing the web server to show all accounts (all website) connected with this host account to show 500 mistake web pages. There is a resolution to this trouble on the website situated under Cpanel tutorials.

Alternatively, you can possibly establish a different mail web server on a different domain name however a tutorial for one more day. If your customers want after that can by hand look for their e-mails. I would just establish the area “Check for new message every” to 30 for those people that actually require and also cannot be troubled by looking for brand-new messages by hand. This is simply a forewarning if you establish this area worth as well reduced.

12. Click on “Composition & Addressing” which is a below-area. Click on the decline-down food selection listed below the line “Automatically quote the original message when replying” as detailed. Then pick “start my reply above the quote.”

13. Now click “Offline & Disk Space” in the left-hand side. Checkmark “Make the messages in my Inbox available when I am working offline” and also “When I create new folders, select them for offline use” as detailed.

14. Click on the “Junk Settings” left wing-hand side. Checkmark “Trust junk mail headers set by”. You might leave it pick at “SpamAssassin”. And checkmark “Move new junk messages to:” Leave the remainder at default setups.

15. In the left-hand side scroll down and also pick “Outgoing Server (SMTP)”. Then on the right-hand side near the leading click the “Add” switch as detailed.

16. Do the following:

i. In the “Server name” area kind “[outgoing mail server name]”. On some web servers the outward bound mail web server is various. I discover this to be the situation with residence ISP. Contact your web server manager for this info if are you unpredictable.

Ii. In the “Port” area kind alter the number to “26”. Most residence ISP disable port 25 because of spam so port 26 is made use of.

Iii. In the “User name and password” area key in your email address. Then click the “OK” switch.

17. On the left-hand side, pick your email address. You might need to make use of the scroll bar and also scroll upwards. Then click the decline-down food selection as detailed and also pick “[your email address] – [outgoing mail server name]”.

18. Now you’ll have the ability to obtain your messages. Click on “Inbox” for your email account. A box will certainly show requesting your password. If package does not show after that merely click the “Get Mail” switch as detailed.

19. Sending email: when you send out email from Thunderbird you may, sometimes, get a display screen as adheres to. Simply click the “OK”. Create a brand-new email message currently to examine if whatever features appropriately. Send an email to on your own.

20. The very first time you try to send out an email you will certainly get a display screen requesting your password. Type in your password and also checkmark “Use Password Manager to remember this password”.

21. Click the “Get Mail” switch to examine if you obtained your examination message.

The Thunderbird mail is a cost-free, durable program that appropriates on numerous systems: Mac OSX, Windows XP, Windows Vista and also Linux. There are additionally numerous helpful plug-because permit a lot better adaptability such as synching with Google Calendar. I’ll be uploading even more short articles on using plug-ins in later short articles.

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