SMS Language – Some Examples of Text Messages Including Txt Abbreviations

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Is the SMS language taking control of the English-talking globe?

Is it taking control of the non-English talking globe, also? Well, this short article is a short understanding right into SMS language, as well as it consists of some examples of sms message, with some preferred text abbreviations (also known as SMS thesaurus) consisted of also. And, as you review it, I wish this SMS language short article lights up instead of aggravates.

Remember, it’s not just on smart phones that such SMS language is showing up nowadays:

* Facebook as well as Twitter updates are just as most likely to have shorthand sentences that might look worthless to several

* Instant messaging software program like Skype frequently sees individuals composing in “txt speak”

* And on-line discussion forum messages, where every person remains in such a rush (or individuals simply do not recognize any type of far better), are frequently cluttered with these so-called text abbreviations

So whilst you might quickly be gritting your teeth (as you review this SMS language short article), remember it *is* valuable to recognize a little bit of this txt terminology…


Okay, right here are some examples of sms message including some traditional mobile phone abbreviations:

1) My smmr hols wr CWOT

2) I wntd 2 go hm ASAP, 2C my M8s once again

Believe it or otherwise, these SMS examples were extracted from an English essay sent by a 13 years of age British teen. At institution. Seriously! And their significance, of training course is…

1) My summertime vacations were a full waste of time

2) I wished to go house asap, to see my friends once again

I might conveniently comprise an SMS instance or more, by getting rid of vowels as well as reducing words as high as feasible – lk ths, u c! – however I think this authentic SMS instance is of much more instructional worth.

Yes, that’s just how the SMS language is made up – it’s everything about word decrease, less personalities to kind (important for rate, as an example, in addition to room on Facebook as well as Twitter condition updates!) But after that it’s everything about understanding some well-developed SMS shortcuts also – no require to transform the wheel, I presume. And that’s where text abbreviations can be found in, or else referred to as ‘SMS thesaurus’.

Here’s a truly brief instance of what I imply:


BF – sweetheart

GF – partner

D8 – day

L8 – late

U – you

LMAO – laugh my butt off

IMAO – in my conceited viewpoint

IMHO – in my simple viewpoint

(Er, in my simple viewpoint, point of views need to constantly be simple!;-) )

And, ultimately, right here are a couple of txt msg abrs for you to nod your head in arrangement with…


BRB – be right back

RUT – are you there?

LOL – laugh aloud

MTE – my ideas specifically

OMG – Oh my God!

AFZ – phrase complimentary area (!)

FFS – for *fanatic* benefit

2M2H – excessive to deal with

2MI – excessive details

IK – I recognize

:-* – kiss

:-@ – yelling

O:-) – saintly

😉 – wink (simply in situation you really did not recognize!)

NB fanatic is regularly changed with a various word starting with F! If you obtain my drift!

As with all languages, the SMS language is ever before-progressing, as well as just a couple of of the thousands of words/phrases/shortcuts readily available will certainly ever before remain in usual usage at any type of once. So panic not!

Still, these examples of SMS messages offer a flavour of the interaction taking place available, using phone or online…

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