Email Letter Writing – How to Write Content and Free Gift Emails – With Examples

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How to Write Content Emails

Generally with a content email – email letter writing, I understand that my reaction rate is going to be low, so I am not truly attempting to get clicks, although I will generally put a link back to me at the end.

An excellent content email may simply be a short article that I have actually composed. I will utilize the title of it for the subject line, then I may utilize language like this to lead in:

Email letter writing:

Dear {! firstname_fix},

I have actually just recently composed something I though you may like:

Or I may simply lead right away into the content. As long as the content is great, you can utilize either technique, if it is not, you need to not be utilizing it!

The Best Email Marketing Strategy, Generally with a content email - email letter writing,

Remember that this email is simply to develop connection; I am not attempting to offer anything here. What I desire is for my readers to like and regard me so that they will purchase from me in the future.

email letter writing: How to Write Free Gift Emails

Generally with a free gift email I will merely write the following:

Dear {! firstname_fix},

Here is a free gift for you:

Or Here is something I believed you might utilize (100% free)

The good feature of free presents is that individuals truly value them. Sometimes if I have actually been sending a great deal of sales or recommendation letters and my list responsiveness has actually decreased, I will send a couple of free presents to stimulate things support – and sales generally return up!

One thing that I have actually begun making with my free presents is developing backend deals.

So what I will do is established the download series the very same method as if I had actually offered something, other than that they item is free, and after they click through to get the free product, they get script like this:

Thanks for accepting my free gift. Here is the link to download it: (download link here). But prior to you download it, please examine this item out; I have actually been able to protect an unique cost simply for you:

At this point, I put the sales letter here.

The conversion rate on this sales letter, although lower than if I had actually sent them straight to this page, is still much better than the 0% conversion you get if you send them straight to the free gift. And something that is good about the free gift is that the open rates and click through rates are a lot greater, so you get a lot more direct exposure than you finish with a regular recommendation letter.

Another thing that has actually worked rather will for me has actually been to write a brief free report (4- 7 pages) on the subject of among my paid items. At completion of the free report is a link to my paid item, with script like this: If this report has actually worked to you, you may like my (name of my item). Click here to have a look: (link to my item).

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