Can You Write Order Pulling Email Subject Lines?

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When you check out a paper or a signboard while you’re going by when traveling, what captures your focus initially? No doubt it probably is the headline on that particular ad or column of the paper. If that ad never caught your eye, then more than likely you would’ve overlooked it. This could mean no sales for a company and thus the end of that particular business.

Just look at some of the commercials you see advertised on television today. Even though they are only a few seconds long sometimes, they still manage to sell millions of dollars worth of their products. Why should things be any different when you are sending out your promotion to your email list of subscribers?

A good headline in your emails can mean more sales. A bad one will of course either get your email deleted or overlooked. Both mean no sales period. So what are the keys to writing order pulling email subject lines?

First of all you need to keep them short and to the point. At the same time though you don’t want to give out too much information. Just give out enough to make your subscribers curious and want to check out your emails.

Here’s an example of a short email subject line that will pull in plenty of readers:

“Million Dollar Order Pulling Headlines”.

Now that is definitely something that would grab someone’s focus, especially if they are involved in the email marketing business. Another great way to produce email subject lines that cause curiosity is to state a benefit that your subscribers would certainly want. Take what the overall purpose of your product is as well as use it as an advantage in your headings.

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